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TEDx: from a sweetshop to Star Wars in 15 fonts.

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Sarah Hyndman tells the story of Star Wars in 15 fonts

Wake up and smell the fonts at TEDxBedford

We are all type consumers and typefaces, or fonts, play a vital role in our everyday lives. They help us to navigate, they help us to make choices, they help us to shop, they keep us safe and sometimes they even play a game of sleight of hand.

“Fonts turn words into stories.” To demonstrate this Sarah shows the story of Star Wars in 15 fonts.

That was great Sarah, the garbage crusher made me giggle!” Eugenie Smit

“Fantastic talk from the fantastic and very talented Sarah Hyndman Geraldine Marshall


“Just because I’m talking ‘typography’ there’s no need for me to be all serious and ‘Times New Roman’ about it.”

“A brilliant #type talk. Loved your transformation from Times New Roman. True show it not say it.” Sandra Dartnell @mdh_sandra

“If fonts tell stories then we must be conscious about the stories we choose to tell” @TEDxBedford

“Fonts are like multisensory imagination grenades”

“You would have loved @TEDxBedford Sarah Hyndman shows how type can alter experiences” @mdh_sandra

“That was BRILLIANT” Renaud C Haslan, “That was awesome!” Lisa Kent

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Process & Effect cards

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It’s not the end result, it’s how you get there that counts. The process, training, practice, your tenacity & vision, that give you the skills you need to succeed. And to do it with flair.

flat cards process_sw flat cards process_ko
Luke and Han save the day
(A5) £3.50 / Rumble in the Jungle (A5) £3.50

flat cards process_66 flat cards process_apple
1966 (A5) £3.50 / Apple (A5) £3.50

Process & Effect series of greetings cards available online at the Typography Emporium.

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