From The Jam Factory – Sarah Hyndman.

Process & Effect: Rumble in the Jungle

Posted in Hand printed, Process & Effect series by Type Tasting on March 1, 2011

The first design coincides with the preparation for our kickboxing red belt gradings. We are all practicing moves at bus stops, imagining punch combos on the bus and waking up in the night to discover that it’s creeping into our dreams. After 6 months and approximately 80 hours of training we’ll no longer be beginners and we’ll become real members of Paragon Gym.

The first poster features an iconic 1970s boxing match between then world Heavyweight champion George Foreman and challenger Muhammad Ali. In the last 30 seconds of the 8th round Ali delivers a powerful series of 6 punches that leave Foreman down as the referee declares it a knockout.

Imagery: float like a butterfly, sting like a bee. Bold, woodblock-inspired type to illustrate the power of Ali’s punches. The final screen print will be embossed and signed.

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