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High tech meets low fi

Posted in Hand printed, Process & Effect series by Type Tasting on March 22, 2011

Time for a few experiments before printing the final thing. The room at Somerset House is pretty hot and we don’t have all our usual equipment so I’m prepared for my the ink to dry into the screen quicker than usual. I’ve chosen to play with screen printing ‘teaser’ cards with QR codes on crappy paper and corrugated card–I like the contrast of high tech codes in low fi materials. These prompt plenty of discussion and demonstrations from me.

Even the smudged one where it stuck to the screen works with the reader app.

The QR codes link to full images of the posters, and additional information on the inspiration behind each design. I’ve left a trail of A5 QR codes around the gallery and on the way home…

Go to knockout link / go to tapestry link

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