From The Jam Factory – Sarah Hyndman.

05 Random Project

The Random Project has exibited at the London Design Festival, been featured in Design Week, listed in Time Out in 10 things to see at LDF, sold Goody Bags on Brick Lane, Dave Gorman featured Random on his blog, has held a second exhibition in Clerkenwell, a lively typography pub quiz at The Foundry, was invited to exhibit at St Bride Type Library, organised two more type quizzes at St Brides and has an online presence which continues to get contributions from around the globe. Contributors to the project have included my mum, Ed Fella, Stefan Sagmeister, Ralph Steadman, Alan Kitching, Alan Rickman and Isabelle aged 7 to name just a few.

The Random project is brought to you by graphic designers Sarah Hyndman (With Relish), Claire Mason (Flushleft) and Becky Chilcott (Becky Chilcott Design).

From the outset we gathered an international collective of designers and artists to produce typography-led work created in response to random words. Whilst many participants are currently based in London, others live as far afield as Brazil and India, giving an international perspective to the collective’s work.

Each participant picked a number between 1 and 100 which corresponded to an unseen word cut out of an issue of Time Out magazine. This randomly selected word then became the basis for their project.

Why Time Out? Because it’s a magazine that reflects London – from the everyday reality of living and travelling in the city to the eclectic and cultural flotsam it offers. This emanates through every level of the publication; if individual words are taken out of context they still combine to form a lexicon that is peculiarly ‘London’.

Disappear: Stefan Sagmeister — True: Louise Weir — British: Ralph Steadman

Neighbourhood: Alan Kitching — Beautiful: Harriet Russell — Noise: Alan Rickman

British: Ed Fella — Neighbourhood: Ken Garland — British: Ralph Steadman

Powerful: Mandatory Thinking — Year: Mike Nicholson — Powerful: Mandatory Thinking


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