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TEDx: from a sweetshop to Star Wars in 15 fonts.

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Sarah Hyndman tells the story of Star Wars in 15 fonts

Wake up and smell the fonts at TEDxBedford

We are all type consumers and typefaces, or fonts, play a vital role in our everyday lives. They help us to navigate, they help us to make choices, they help us to shop, they keep us safe and sometimes they even play a game of sleight of hand.

“Fonts turn words into stories.” To demonstrate this Sarah shows the story of Star Wars in 15 fonts.

That was great Sarah, the garbage crusher made me giggle!” Eugenie Smit

“Fantastic talk from the fantastic and very talented Sarah Hyndman Geraldine Marshall


“Just because I’m talking ‘typography’ there’s no need for me to be all serious and ‘Times New Roman’ about it.”

“A brilliant #type talk. Loved your transformation from Times New Roman. True show it not say it.” Sandra Dartnell @mdh_sandra

“If fonts tell stories then we must be conscious about the stories we choose to tell” @TEDxBedford

“Fonts are like multisensory imagination grenades”

“You would have loved @TEDxBedford Sarah Hyndman shows how type can alter experiences” @mdh_sandra

“That was BRILLIANT” Renaud C Haslan, “That was awesome!” Lisa Kent

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Researching the psychology of fonts

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Graphic designer Sarah Hyndman looks at typefaces from the type consumer’s point of view under the banner of ‘Type Tasting’. Her book The Type Taster will be published later this year and she will be talking about typography during the London Design Festival at the V&A.

Sarah explains that “I’m researching the psychology of fonts and typefaces from the type consumer’s point of view. I’ve created a series of fun and thought provoking surveys as part of my ongoing research. These explore how we all respond to typefaces, how they stimulate different senses, trigger memories and what different personalities they have. I’m especially interested to know what non-designers think”

Click on the image below to take part in Sarah’s research, and register your interest in purchasing her book.

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Happy Easter Eggs?

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Online shop launched with ‘good or naughty?’ teaser

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The Typography Emporium is now online. Buy glow in the dark typographic Christmas cards, typographic greetings cards and collectibles. Click on the light switch to go to the Emporium.

Design Week on the Pop Up Typography Emporium

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Design Week on the Pop-up Typography Emporium

Article from Design Week | Tue, 27 Nov 2012 | By Emily Gosling

Much as many of us would love to bury our heads in the ever-ebbing sands of time being counted down to Christmas, it may be time to face facts: the Johns Lewis ads are out, the lights are up, the panic is setting in. As Coca-Cola so brightly points out, the holidays are coming.

Insomnia Print

Insomnia Print

However, preparing for Christmas need not be all panic and despair at the ever-decreasing number of shopping days left. One such beacon that restores faith in the festivities is the Pop-up Typography Emporium, setting up shop in north London during the first weekend of December.


Typography Emporium – Save the Date

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Save the date for Winter Open Studios at the Chocolate Factory N16 which will take place during the December 1st and 2nd.

There will be a Typography Emporium in the With Relish studio, all things typographic will be on sale from prints and cards to decorations and workshops.


During the Olympics…

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Recent months have been pretty busy with my focus on a couple of Olympics inspired projects during what has been such an exciting time to be living and working in London.

Random Project 2012
The Random Project 2012 is an undertaking I organise and curate which is encouraging mass creativity. It is open to everybody to participate in and as the year unfolds it is creating a documentary of 2012.

The summer exhibition was timed to coincide with the Olympic Games as a way everybody could join in and celebrate. This took place over two weeks at Rich Mix in East London and has had such a great response. The project will continue to the end of 2012 when the collection will be shown as a timeline of the year. Click here for a glimpse of the postcard wall at Rich Mix.

Olympic Logo a Day
This was a small, personal project of mine that took the blog and twittersphere by storm. In its last month the Olympic Logo a Day blog received nearly 35,000 views from over 120 countries. It gained international coverage and the surprise highlights were my being filmed by the BBC World Service and interviewed by the New York Times.

The Olympic Logo a Day blog has been written about in the New York Times, Blueprint magazine, Design Week, The Drum, Follow the Colours Brazil, Logo Design Love, Londonist, Creative Boom, Eye magazine, Dezeen, Handpicked London, Everything London, GQ, Jessica Ennis’ official website, Telegraph, Treehugger and the ‘alternative Olympic posters’ became the ‘top news story’ on Twitter in the week they were released…

More ideas are in the pipeline, I’ll keep you posted.

The New York Times interview with Sarah Hyndman

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New York Times interview, published July 15 2012

Sarah Hyndman, a graphic designer in London, started her Olympic-logo-a-day project in July 2011. You can see her interpretations of the Olympic symbol at

How did you start this project? Last July I was playing with things on my desk, and I noticed that they made an Olympic- ring logo. The next day, our office had a meeting, and I put some doilies out for the cups and ended up arranging them so that they formed the Olympic logo. My friends found it a fun thing to do. If we were having dinner, we would move around glasses and cups and bracelets and make the Olympic rings.

What is the most unusual object you’ve made into an Olympic logo? I suppose it would be the prawns.

What have you learned about design from this project? I often explain to clients that a really strong brand or logo can have a greater life span than just existing in its two-dimensional format. My project shows that the Olympic rings is a great logo because it can withstand being translated again and again.

You’re about to design your last logo in this yearlong project. You must be relieved. I’m going to miss the project, actually. It’s become my daily ritual.

A version of this article appeared in print on July 15, 2012 with the headline: Who Made That? (Olympic Rings).

See the article.

FREE Diamond Jubilee Souvenir Poster

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As the organiser and curator of the Random Project 2012, I have designed the first of a series of large, A2 posters featuring a selection of postcards from the collection. The posters are available at high resolution to download and print out for free.

Click here to download the high resolution pdf
Click here to download the pdf with 3mm bleed

Featured Random postcards by: Zoë Daniels, Abi Hall, Lydie Greco, Rude, Suki Hubbard, Julia Colquitt Roach, Claire Vickers, Wilfrid Wood, Joanna Layla, Nathan Jones, Andreja Brulc, Emma Overeem, Sarah Hyndman, Mary Ellen Daugherty

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The Random Project 2012 is becoming truly international, apart from the submissions and emails we’ve had from around the world, here’s an article in this month’s Page magazine from Germany.

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