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Past inspires future

Posted in Family history by Type Tasting on July 11, 2010

My 98-year-old Granny recently moved in with my Mum. Her house has been emptied so it can be sold and we’ve all inherited furniture and memories of her and my Grandad’s lives whilst she’s still able to talk to us about them. I’ve got a big old suitcase full of photos, it’s enchanting to see your grandparents when they were young and in a different historical era. I plan to re-photograph a selection so that all the grandchildren can have copies and the originals can be kept safely out of daylight.

The sturdy wooden tea-chests are perfect in the studio, and I’m excited by the possibilities the wrought iron treadle fretsaw offers – could I make my own wood block lettering to put through Jo’s mangle press that I’m soon to become caretaker of? I’m very interested to explore combining processes – screen printing, embossing/debossing, block printing…

Air Raid Warden

Posted in Family history by Type Tasting on June 7, 2010

My Grandmother, Katherine, is 98. We were looking through old photos and found this contact sheet from the early 1940s (she must have been about 30) when she was an Air Raid Warden in WW2. She is so incredibly beautiful and this made all of us catch our breath…

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