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The New York Times interview with Sarah Hyndman

Posted in Olympic Logo a Day project, Sarah Hyndman by Type Tasting on July 14, 2012

New York Times interview, published July 15 2012

Sarah Hyndman, a graphic designer in London, started her Olympic-logo-a-day project in July 2011. You can see her interpretations of the Olympic symbol at

How did you start this project? Last July I was playing with things on my desk, and I noticed that they made an Olympic- ring logo. The next day, our office had a meeting, and I put some doilies out for the cups and ended up arranging them so that they formed the Olympic logo. My friends found it a fun thing to do. If we were having dinner, we would move around glasses and cups and bracelets and make the Olympic rings.

What is the most unusual object you’ve made into an Olympic logo? I suppose it would be the prawns.

What have you learned about design from this project? I often explain to clients that a really strong brand or logo can have a greater life span than just existing in its two-dimensional format. My project shows that the Olympic rings is a great logo because it can withstand being translated again and again.

You’re about to design your last logo in this yearlong project. You must be relieved. I’m going to miss the project, actually. It’s become my daily ritual.

A version of this article appeared in print on July 15, 2012 with the headline: Who Made That? (Olympic Rings).

See the article.


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