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Olympic Logo a Day: 100 logos to go.

Posted in Olympic Logo a Day project by Type Tasting on April 21, 2012


I’ve created a new set of ‘Alternative Olympic Posters’ to celebrate just 100 days (and 100 logos) to go for my Olympic Logo a Day project. I’ve been having a lot of fun creating them, but even more enjoyable are the inspired contributions I’m being sent. The highlight has been class 3O from Barnes Primary School taking part and creating enough logos (complete with inventive captions) to host the blog for a month.

April 2012
100 days to go to the Olympics and the slogoan ‘inspire a generation’ is revealed.

“The Games motto was also announced as ‘Inspire a generation’. The organising committee may then be pleased to learn about Barnes Primary School’s Arts Week project with alternative Olympic poster designer, Sarah Hyndman. Class 3O worked with Sarah on her an Olympic logo a day project, which uses everyday objects as Olympic Rings. They ran with the idea with wonderful results. We particularly like the class photo!” The Londonist

“2012 is a big year for London. It’s a chance for us to celebrate the community around us in our city, and to enjoy the events taking place throughout the year. It’s a tough time financially and there are plenty of Olympic-knocking stories bouncing around. In light of this it seems timely to do something positive and light hearted that everybody can join in with and smile.” Creative Boom.

January 2012
“Using biscuits, fruit, New Year’s sparklers (below) – anything that comes to hand – Sarah Hyndman reinterprets the five Olympic rings every day. Eye Blog.

November 2011
‘Alternative Olympic Posters’

The unofficial ‘Alternative Olympic Posters’ by Sarah Hyndman have been featured in blogs around the world, appeared as ‘Top news’ stories on Twitter and became the subject of 250+ tweets in the first week of being released.


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