From The Jam Factory – Sarah Hyndman.

Philharmonia Orchestra at the RFH

Posted in With Relish by Type Tasting on January 24, 2011

Philharmonia Orchestra at the Royal Festival Hall by Sarah HyndmanThe With Relish windows for Infernal Dance, the Philharmonia Orchestra’s big Bartók series were unveiled this week.

Bartók is the music of colour; of sensuality, exoticism and elemental, raw emotion. It is the music of dramatic passions, intense emotions; disturbing and dangerous. Bartók stands alongside Stravinsky and Schoenberg as one of the great voices of the 20th century.

A motion-activated sensor which triggers exerts from the concerts when you stand close enough to the windows, as demonstrated by the little boy. The full suite of materials to accompany the concert season includes the visual theme, imagery, brochure, invitations, flyers, banners, ads and the windows.

The typefaces were chosen to reflect Bartók’s influences of folk music, classicism, and modernism. These are combined with folk-style woodcut prints and Chagall paintings to conjour the atmosphere of the music.

The year long musical exploration of Bartók’s life will travel throughout the UK, Europe and the USA during 2011/12. Visit the Philharmonia Orchestra’s website.


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