From The Jam Factory – Sarah Hyndman.

Adventures in type

Posted in Talks and teaching by Type Tasting on April 23, 2010
Found, an old press release about my Experimental Typography course at the London College of Communication, a victim of the blanket culling of all adult evening courses at LCC. Damn I miss that course.

Maria Grist, Penny Gunn, George Walker

“Take away my computer, hand me some Lettraset, an old envelope, some printing ink, cardboard and just about anything else that seems like an overlooked piece of rubbish. With a twist of emphasis – pasting, cutting, shaping, cropping, photocopying it becomes something quite different, something experimental. This takes us back to the enjoyment of the physical process of making and creating by hand. Using humble tools and materials we handle the type physically without the computer to smooth and process, producing raw, intriguing and wonderful results.”

The Experimental typography course at LCC* champions this approach to typography and now attracts a high calibre of student, from working graphic designers to MA/BA students wishing to supplement their typographic studies. Over the year long course they will explore type through a range of projects, finding creative ways to use letterforms, inspired by sound and found objects to overheard conversation.

The evening course has been taught by graphic designer Sarah Hyndman since completing her MA at LCC in 2001. When she’s not teaching, Sarah runs design company With Relish ( The result of this year’s course is a body of work that worthy of a platform of its own. The exhibition will bring together a selection of the best work produced by students this year. There will also be a selection of students work from previous years as part of a retrospective of the Experimental Typography course. The exhibition will demonstrate the enormous talent that is attracted to this course each year, a passion for type and creativity without restriction.

*The Experimental Typography course ran for 8 years at the London College of Communication (formerly LCP)


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