From The Jam Factory – Sarah Hyndman.

No 10 with Miho – Spin saves the planet

Posted in No 10 with Miho by Type Tasting on March 29, 2010

It has occured to me when I’m doing a spin class (or using any equipment in the gym) that there is an absurdity to exercising without actually getting anywhere. Could this be counteracted by harnessing the energy and using it for something. Could gyms be the solution to saving the planet? Would pedal-powered TVs make fat kids fitter? Could a gym carriage light a train (like the rowers in a Roman galley)? Could this be how we give to charity – my gym bike collects energy and the profit from selling it builds wells in Africa? My Nike trainers store energy that pays to educate small children in Indonesia? Or could it entertain – if I spin my way to 5k could a clown pop up out of a manhole cover in the street outside and go “boo!”? When I get to 10k a neon-rainbow is illuminated near my home and Judy Garland sings?


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