From The Jam Factory – Sarah Hyndman.

Off Screen – Peanuts

Posted in Hand printed by Type Tasting on March 4, 2010

I arrived at TBC on Tuesday night to meet Claire and Becky, I was still covered in ink and clutching my first prints. We chatted about my dissatisfaction with the first print and they convinced me to spend a couple of sessions just playing and not worrying about outcomes.

I scanned the peanuts sketchbook sketch in, and did a hand-drawn version of the keys design and then just banked them up and printed them. I haven’t quite worked out registration very well (and the vacuum on the print bed was crap so the paper kept moving).

The first Peanuts print is badly registered and the bronze not punchy enough. The second set is registered better and I mixed red in with the bronze. Odly now I prefer the first misregistered ones and think I preferred the bronze.

Peanuts, first print in black and bronze

Peanuts second set of prints on A2


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