From The Jam Factory – Sarah Hyndman.

Gardening, Neighbours and Layer Cake

Posted in London by Type Tasting on May 24, 2009
Layer Cake

Layer Cake

Another day gradually reclaiming the front garden, previously lost to 5 huge conifers…

10 more bags filled with rubble and the front garden’s really starting to look like a pleasant spot to sit in the evening sun. The flower beds have been dug, edged with bricks and today I planted thyme, sage and more climbers to join the scardey cat plants and the mixed tall seeds along the wall (I think they’re sunflowers, hollyhocks and foxgloves but I can’t really remember so there will be a surprise in store).

I just need to build a fence above the wall to stop people throwing rubbish over. An ice cream wrapper and a crisp bag landed on top of me while I sat on the picnic blanket reading in the sunshine.

Apart from the rubbish it’s such a friendly way to spend a day. The guy two doors down is lending me a book on what plants suit different light and shade, he says my clematis are taking well. Veronica popped over and her dog had a good sniff around. Various people smiled and said things like “nice job” as they walked by.

Jamie and Chris from the basement flat were round and about chatting, Jamie’s off to China for a year and his dad plans to turf the garden very soon in between his trips abroad. Chris has moved to Tottenham but doesn’t really like it. They’ll turf around my new flower beds and the sunflowers that are starting to appear. Sahar and his children stopped to chat every time they came and went, Sahar told me about the charity he runs and his daughter sweetly handed me a bag, “it’s for you”, with a delicious cake in it – I swear the pink really does taste of strawberry and the green tastes of mint!


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