From The Jam Factory – Sarah Hyndman.

Daily fridge photos for 3 months

Posted in Food & communication by Type Tasting on April 5, 2009

At the outset of my MA I photographed the contents of my fridge every day for 3 months. The photos were taken standing on a stool, first thing each morning as I put the kettle on and made a bleary-eyed coffee.

The idea came originally from my visit to my friend Chris’ appartment in New York. He’d been living away for a number of months, but on seeing the photos I had taken, both the notes on the outside of the fridge and the food inside it, he could tell me who was staying there and some of the events that had taken place.

I was intrigued that such a functional and ‘invisible’ everyday object could record and communicate so much.

Jan van Toorn was on the panel for my MA viva. I sat down nervously at the beginning of the interview to be confronted by him excitedly holding the bound book I’d produced of the fridge photos exclaiming how much he’d bought into the photos and the idea behind them. I was a bit speechless.


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