From The Jam Factory – Sarah Hyndman.

The Cheshire Cat / typeface design

Posted in Hand printed by Type Tasting on March 31, 2009

My response to a Print Club / Cure Studio call for entries for pieces to be screen printed and included in an exhibition to be held at the Bodhi Gallery, Brick Lane.

As the stressing Rabbit ran past muttering that he was late Alice found herself glancing down at her watch. In that moment when she wasn’t looking where she was going she tripped and fell but had a stroke of sartorial luck when her skirt became a parachute and broke her fall. At the bottom of the deep hole she bumped into the Cheshire Cat who suggested that she enquire of the Hatter as to the tardy Rabbit’s whereabouts. Alice was reluctant due to the Hatter’s reputed lack of sanity, but was soon reassured by The Cat that nobody in Wonderland was in possession of a full loaf. At this point The Cat laughed maniacally and started to disappear…

Cheshire Cat piece from What's the Time? typeface


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